How you can Make Money Writing & why you should start in November

Have you been told you can’t make a living writing?
It might not be easy, especially to start, but with a tight budget what could you do with extra pocket change? Many writers out there that have succeeded even while having to work full time.
What are you doing with your writing?

Start, Write Now

November tends to be a very busy month for every one (especially while everyone is gearing up for Thanksgiving and Christmas) so you might wonder why I would suggest starting in November.  NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) and WNFIN (Write Non Fiction in November) is why you should start NOW!

This month while starting a new job, attending school and spending time with my family I will be taking the challenge to WNFIN 2017 to attempt to complete a book I became passionate about recently ‘OnSecure 4 Every1‘.  WNFIN 2017 is part of why I suggest starting now, this is a good way to stay encouraged and be able to encourage others that have taken this challenge as well.  It also creates a deadline, which, for some like me that helps create an urgency to sit down and just Write! Whether non fiction or fiction NOW is the time to start. Don’t delay or put off today, but just start, Write Now!

There is NO Write Way

Technology is booming and there is more opportunity than ever to make money writing online and offline and you should start today. I won’t try to list every possible way that you could, because that would take me until I was old and gray. But here are some of the ways you could get started.

Writing A Book

Write a Novel

I don’t write novels! My wife Emily Shore has written more than I can keep track of. The last I tend to remember was that it was around 20 books, and now we have 2 of her novellas self published and she has an agent pitching her novels.  While these books do not have us rolling in the dough we definitely get a little bit of pocket change from time to time and once you put an ebook up on Amazon or any other platform it can be a great source of passive income. There are many ways that you can write your novels and with NaNoWriMo starting today, HERE are some of the FREE tools that could be saving you money while you write your next novel.

Write a Non Fiction Book 

WNFIN starts today as well and is a great reason to start writing that story or self help ebook today. If you have been putting it off for a while you can get the support and encourage you need and potentially take part in some contests while working to get your next non fiction book written (WNFIN 2017 will have the updates you need).  Once completed writing a book it is easy and FREE to set up yourself.  There are many different options that you can check out, I have used CreateSpace for paperback and Amazon KDP for ebooks, but there are other sites that I haven’t been able to try yet like:

I have heard good things about them all.
Have you used any of these sites?

Freelance Writing

Freelance writing can take time finding the right places to write, but there is quite a bit of potential and many options for Freelance writing and will be helpful to create and pad a portfolio. There are sites you can check like:

Outside of these sites there are many other opportunities in store for the freelancer.

Guest Post on a Blog 

If you didn’t think it was possible to make money by writing for someone else’s website, well making money by writing for other people online is as common as shoelaces now.  I was paid for an article that I originally was going to post on my own blog, but decided to submit it and it was published here on the Dollar Stretcher It may not have been enough for me to stop working, but it definitely gave me a little extra spending money.

Here is a big list of places to guest post over at

Always check for guest posting on your favorite blogs since you will probably know that topic pretty well.

Write for a Magazine

Many magazines offer sections that you can submit an article and make money. Some magazines even pay if they like your jokes.

Are you ready to get Writing Now?

Let us know what you think.....