Taking the Turmoil out of Taxes

It’s that time of year again. 

The dreaded time where we must bring out our calculators and hold our collective breaths to see what we owe or if they owe us. Many people even financial gurus would probably scorn that I receive a nice refund every year, but for me this is my way of keeping MY stress level lower. Yes, you heard me right! I use a slightly higher tax bracket during the year and I feel much less stress around tax season. The only stress I have for Tax Refund season is making sure that I have all the documents.

What Documents do you need to have for filing your Tax Return

Trying to remember which documents and items you need to complete filing your Tax Refund can cause great deal of stress on it’s own.

One of the best methods is by making sure you have one central place to store all documents throughout the year as you go, instead of waiting until tax season is upon you. Do you think of everything when you are doing your taxes?

My method to make sure is using a checklist.

Try using my QUICK Checklist this year and see if I am missing anything.

Click HERE to Download your CHECKLIST.

Do you prefer to live close to the edge or get a healthy tax refund?