Are you Shackled by Dropbox/OneDrive? – #TechTipTuesday

    7 Mar

    Are you Shackled by Dropbox/OneDrive? – #TechTipTuesday

    Why are you paying that outrageous amount for Dropbox when you have lots of extra hard drive space and could be getting it #FREE?  Do you know how many services you could be self-hosting yourself with one service of your own instead of paying someone else to?

    Top Reasons you should Self Host OwnCloud

    This requires little if any expertise, but if you have the ability these are some terrific free services that can make your life far easier.

    1. Cloud Storage – like Dropbox
    2. Notes – like Evernote
    3. Calendar
    4. Contacts
    5. Audio player

    Now the list of items that you can self host can go on for almost ever, but these are the ones that I feel are the best for saving you time and money.

    Coming in at


    Who doesn’t LOVE FREE storage?  It’s free because you probably already have it. Being able to access your data through cloud storage or syncing data across multiple desktops to me is almost a necessity now, but only having 15 GB available for FREE it almost becomes a waste of my time, but what’s the alternative? (other than having 15 different free accounts) You can find my favorite free hosted accounts HERE

    Owncloud and Nextcloud are both derived from the same coding and are one of the simplest self hosted services.  All it requires is adding a single web installer file to a self hosted web-site.

    You can download the Web Installer from HERE. Lifehacker has a pretty easy to follow page on installing Owncloud which works the same for NextCloud Here

    #2 Cloud Notes Services

    Evernote has become more and more heavily depended on so that people can make sure that they keep their notes organized wherever they go, but why are you relying on other people to keep your notes or in some cases feeling the need to spend money to keep up with the amount of notes that you take.  Why not instead use that OwnCloud account to take your notes and Share them.

    See much like OneDrive & Google Drive, you can get access to writing documents and sharing the documents to a group if you all need to work on editing or writing the same document.

    #3 Calendar Service

    If you constantly are on the road or like me back and forth between work and home it probably gets quite frustrating to keep it accurate where your calendar might otherwise get mixed up.  Why not keep it all in one spots with your documents?

    #4 Contacts 

    Everyone has multiple different contacts they use from work to home to any outside hobby. It can get quite tiring trying to make sure that they are all synced between devices or accessible both at home and at work, but with Owncloud you can centralize all your contacts in one place – that YOU control.

    LASTLY  – Audio Player

    Don’t wait for Spotify, or any other online audio player.  Upload podcasts, music, audio books, or whatever you want to listen and you can play it virtually anywhere. Why rely on anyone for the music that you like or the Audio Books that your like. Listen to whatever when you want to.

    With the customization available for Owncloud I would suggest anyone that has their own self hosted website to set this up.  If you have any skill with computers you can probably set it up within about 15 minutes. Otherwise there are numerous videos or websites with tons of resources to help you set it up and can easily be set up in one afternoon.

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    What are you waiting for?  

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