Top 5 Ways I Engage my Kids for Free

    14 Apr

    Top 5 Ways I Engage my Kids for Free

    When you are strapped for cash and just trying to figure out the daily bills it can get really stressful and frustrating trying to figure out any additional ways to engage with your children without breaking the bank.

    5 Free Ways to Engage Your Children

    Take every opportunity you get to play.
    Make it spontaneous, be willing to laugh about the oops factor afterward.

    We all know what that means; the shirt got drenched, the important paperwork got water logged…. mistakes happen, but your kids will remember into their adulthood how much fun you had or how much you yelled at them…. what’s more important and which one do you want them to remember more?

    1. Turn Off Your Device During Time with your children

    When you are with your kids it is important to put them at the center of attention.  Your kids are learning from you how to interact with people. If you are constantly engaging them in front of a computer, TV or smartphone then this will become normal behavior. Be intentional about turning off any device when you are engaging with your kids.  Cameras and Music Players do no count, but everything does not need to be recorded for Instagram or Facebook. Live in the moment, not through the camera.

    2. Remember they are just kids

    Kids are messy little beings. They leave toys all over, they splatter paint all over the place.

    Let them make a mess… they’re kids
    Let them make mistakes with you (don’t feel that you have to force them to understand something as you do … they won’t….they’re kids.  Sometimes the best way to engage them is to engage them at their level.

    Make a mess with them.  (Just be ready to clean up afterward yourself)

    3. Daddy Dates at Home

    Taking time with your kids whether you have sons or daughters is important.  They need the Daddy time. Most of us cannot afford going out somewhere special regularly.  Stuff like Bowling, laser tag are fun, but the cost adds up fast. Try stuff like jumping in puddles (this can be great therapy too), puzzle time, game night, and you can find more in my post HERE.

    4. House Hold tasks can be fun

    You thought chores or household tasks were boring, right?
    With kids, I would say almost any ‘chore’ could become fun. Washing the car with the hose could become an all-out water war, gardening could become a mud pie flinging contest… the list goes on. Of course, safety always should come first.

    5. Turn on your Device – When you are AWAY

    When you are at work or on the road it can be difficult, but not impossible with the technology we have nowadays. There are options like FaceTime, Skype, Instant Messaging, audio/video files.  I personally send my 3-year-old a little clip of me reading a verse daily for her to listen to.  It keeps me engaged with her even when I cannot see her get up in the morning or necessarily talk to her first thing in the morning.

    How do you engage with your children?