5 Things to Know When Price Matchin

 I know that many people have written about the wonderful world of Price Matchin, but just recently I found myself knowing that Target had a great price on eggs and I wanted to use the Walmart Price Match guarantee.  Thankfully I always research policies before using them because during my first price match expeience I learned a few things to keep in mind when using Price Match Guarantees at stores, some of which was frustrating.

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 A few of the main ones: 
2.  Know the Difference Between Online & In Store Pricing & Price Matching
     There can be a huge difference or very little difference between a dot com purchase and an in store purchase. Knowing the difference sometimes you can even match an online store to an in store purchase. Make sure that you have read the company’s online policy as well as in store matching policies. “Knowledge is Power”.

3. Know the Policy


It is vital to know what the policy is. If I had not known the policy for Walmart, I would have believed the employee that told me I had to have the actual ad in order to use their Price Match. I was glad I even had a copy of the policy (for my reference) So make sure that you have looked through the policy and verified that your purchase is consistent with the policy. Sometimes it is a good practice to keep a copy of it on you when shopping or have a copy on your phone (if you don’t have a smartphone accessible to internet). In many stores employee turn over, some of the new and old employees may or may not know their own policy.

4. Only Use it if it’s really worth it.

It can definitely be a hastle and may not be worth the hastle of the 5 cent difference between Target and Walmart, bigger buys are definitely more lucrative.  However, there are countless opportunities to save by price matching, so you can easily price match your groceries at Walmart with a simple app called Saving Star.  Every little bit adds up if you price match alot.

5. Make sure that the Products Match
This may seem like a no-brainer, but it can be very simple to mistake a quantity or size or brand of item when looking for good sales, so make sure you are a good sport and double check for an actual match.
Overall there can be great advantages, especially if you find out that you can save $50 by just matching to another store without have to make a separate trip somewhere else, but remember as you should with all shopping trips try not to be rude. Be polite and courteous to the cashier because although most people think being mean and rude will make a point and get you what you want, most times you will “attract more flies with honey than with vinegar” and although you may get what you want that may be all you get.
What are your Price Matching Success/Failure stories?