10 Methods to Prevent Pests from getting in YOUR Garden

You just finished planting your seeds yesterday and already the squirrels have given themselves a banquet and anything left to sprout are nibbled down to the roots by the rabbits.  How can you keep the costs low, the deterrent natural and still manage to effectively get rid of the pests. Well I have scoured resources to find answers to this because we have a pretty nice rabbit and squirrel population in our neighborhood.  Here are the top 10 methods to prevent pests on a budget.

ways to get rid of small garden critters (1)

  1. Urine
    1. Predatory Smells such as animal urine or it is even said that human urine is a great deterrent. The urine is like a wolf marking it’s territory, letting other animals know that they are the dominant. I have found multiple resources that even swear by human urine at least for small critters.
  2. Human Hair
    1. Grab your hair clippings from your next hair cut. There is no statistics that I have to prove that this works, just that a lot of people swear it works.
  3. Annoying Smells
    1. Just like humans animals have certain tolerances to smells and tastes.  But because their taste buds are much smaller than ours.  Putting watered down tobasco or planting some distasteful plants nearby like garlic is a great way to keep away smaller critters. Stuff like:
      1. Apple Cider Vinegar
      2. Hot Peppers/Tobasco
      3. Garlic
      4. Moth Balls
  4. Decoys 

    1. Plant anything that your critters like outside of your garden
    2. Clover or alfalfa for eating
    3. Remember though … If you give a mouse a cookie
  5. Pets
    1. This is great if you own a dog or sometimes cats can be good if you have a good outdoor barn/hunting cat.
  6. Fencing/Mesh/Targeted Coverage
    1. Make sure to bury the base of the fence.  surround with some predator smells is great to add additional protection.
    2. Although chicken wire and other fences would probably be one of the most expensive items that I will list it is one of the most effective for rabbits.  Plastic mesh screens are terrific to surround your plants to keep the squirrels out as well.  The best type of fences are the ones that are less than 1 inch mesh.
  7. Disliked Plants
    1. Marigolds, yarrow, foxglove, digitalis, lilac, elderberry, yucca for rabbits
      1. cleomes, geraniums, vincas, wax begonias, basil, mint, oregano, parsley, tarragon, asparagus, leeks, onions, potatoes, rhubarb, squash, tomatoes
    2. Peppermint for Squirrels
      1. Fritillaria, daffodils, glory of the snow, hyacinth, alliums, lily-of-the-valley, siberian iris, rosemary ..
  8. Traps
    1. Not all places allows an untrained individual to trap animals.
    2. So if it’s allowed go ahead, otherwise give the local certified varmint trapper a call.
  9. Remove Temptations
    1. that you can /Habitat Removal (Shrubs/brushes,etc)
    2. Wood piles (like for nesting….)
  10. Fake Owls

Do you have problems with garden critters?

Share your solutions to help us all keeping our gardens safe from critters.

What method do you use to keep pests like rabbits & squirrels out?