It only takes One – Motivational Monday

    10 Jul

    It only takes One – Motivational Monday

    Do you know how important you are?
    Sometimes it’s easy to believe that the world is so large and we are just so insignificant.  No one is insignificant. You can make a difference today.

    What One Person can do

    It can be easy to look at ourselves as unneeded and forget how often a single person throughout history has provided life-saving or altering inventions and cures or just meant the world to someone. Here are some people that might encourage you today:

    Edward Jenner pioneered the first smallpox vaccinations, helping to eradicate Smallpox.

    Louis Pasteur: saved a little boy’s life with the first rabies vaccination.

    Johannes Gutenberg: Gutenberg Printing Press with the first mechanical moving type in Europe.

    John Hetrick: We can all thank him for creating those wonderful safety collision devices called airbags.

    Thomas Edison: Invented phonograph, the light bulb, motion picture, electrographic vote recorder….  to name a few

    Henry Ford: The Quadricycle along with 160 other patents.

    While these might be some mighty fine people, but what about the individuals that just listened and saved someone that was suicidal, or talked to someone and convinced them not to give up on their goals. Most times these individuals don’t make it into history books. People like my dad who answered the phone at 4 am when I was in Germany.

    Such little actions can mean the world, but don’t be discouraged because most of these inventors started life as unseemingly unneeded.  You are important. Don’t let anyone tell you differently, and today could be the day that you are the world for someone.

    How will you be the World to someone today?





    1. Agreed! Life is seriously so short. And it’s unfortunate that people have to sometimes wait to be at death’s door before getting serious about truly living. I think we need to remind ourselves daily how blessed we are. And we should be impacting the lives of other people. The rest will follow.

    2. Always an important part of every Monday, the motivation to go on 😀 Great post, it’s encouraging, but let’s see how long this feeling of encouragement will last with me.
      PS: I was sort of waiting for the plot twist moment at the end – and all they achieved was on a Monday 🙂

    3. For some reason your like button is not loading for me. I really wish it would because I want to show my support. I love this post.

      1. Hmmm…. not sure why it is not working. . . I will have to investigate because I have no problem with it on anything that I try.

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