Happy New Year – Plan for 2018

Are you failing to plan?

Or Planning to Succeed?

I have never really followed the trend of New Year’s Resolution’s, but I do like to start my New Year with creating some goals.  With a new job closer to home and a degree almost completed, I only have a few true goals and most of them pertain to household repairs.

Here are a few goals that I have around our house: 
  1. Remove dying Maple tree
  2. Regrout bathroom tiles
  3. Remove & replace basement carpeting.
  4. New Tires on both cars
  5. Clean/Organize Garage
  6. Clean/Organize Basement Office
  7. Put more in Emergency Fund
  8. Eat more natural foods, less processed foods
  9. Drink more water.
  10. Complete Degrees/Certifications
    * Network and Security AAS Degree
    * Information Technology Support AAS Degree
    * Microsoft Certified IT Professional Certificate

What are your goals this year?

Let us know what you think.....