I’m Up, What More do you Expect – Motivated Monday

I'm Up - Motivated MondayI roll out of bed and drag myself to the front room…. kind of like a zombie, without the brain eating crave. So now I’m up, what more can be asked of me, right? Are you motivated this morning?

Many mornings I feel quite lethargic and unmotivated when I get up and just want to do NOTHING. My entire day changes when I create goals for my morning routine.

What ways do I use to get motivated in the morning

Ever since I was really young it has been extremely difficult for me to wake up and get moving in the morning.  Even as an adult I would wake up and fall back asleep on the sofa of my apartment.  Many things I have tried in the morning have failed to work including; loud music, cold water on my face, taking a shower.  Recently now that I have my own children I have started finding success especially when it is paired with Sleeping Like a Baby(which I wrote about here). Here’s how I have tried pumping up my motivation to get started in the morning:

  • Create a specific goal

    • Make a lunch
    • take out the trash
    • laundry
    • iron clothing
  • Coffee Shop Stop

Take a moment to go to a coffee shop and get some java.  The extra caffeine and the activity I find stimulating for getting me motivated, especially on a Saturday morning.  It is just better to get out the door and moving than stay at home.

  • Upbeat Music

Who doesn’t like a good beat? I found that this can be effective especially if I am really tired. 

  • Exercise

What better way to get motivated than to get up and get the blood pumping through your veins.  This is one that I find quite hard because when I am extremely tired it is much easier to lay down and fall back asleep that to actually exercise.

What ways do you get yourself motivated in the morning?


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