How to be an Awesome #FrugalValentine!

Here I am less than a week away from Valentine’s, my most creative time of the year and somehow like normal I have a thousand ideas bubbling but I haven’t planned anything yet.  Every year I attempt to upstage my previous years and quite a few years I have succeeded. Learn my secret by following….

My top 4 Best Last Minute Frugal Dates 

Before Children






COST Approximately $4 + current supplies 

That’s right, I brought a bed and breakfast to our home.  I only spent a little bit of money on it totally. But made over our little house as a B&B.


  • Handmade Bed and Breakfast decor (added specially designed labels, just paper & tape, to soap, deck of cards, candles, shampoo bottle…etc)
  • Rose Petals $1 from the Dollar Tree
  • 3 New Candles – $3 at the Dollar Tree

Are you seeing the trend, it’s home made or from the Dollar Tree.  Now this doesn’t always work depending on your spouse, but my lovely wife was blown away, with my hand designed menu and scattered love notes.  She was allowed to select her meal from the home made menu then take a nice bath while I prepared the food and once the food was ready we sat sipped wine and watched a movie together that we already owned.  A total cost of not much more than $4 – $5, plus already available materials and food.


COST $10 + less than 1/2 gal gas

This was probably one of my quickest thought out, but terrific turn out. The bonus was I picked up the pizza on the way with her blindfolded and with them in the trunk she still had no idea. I just whisked her off to one a nice park and picked up some delicious Dominos Pizza.



You probably doubt me, but my wife loved this one and it cost me nothing more than maybe an extra balloon, and was while we were still living in our one bedroom apartment.

I told my wife “Go to OUR room and don’t come out until I tell you that you can”

While she was in our bedroom writing her books in the little nook where our computer used to sit, I moved our smaller table in front of the TV, made a nice dinner meal with supplies we already had and decorated with some left over tealight candles from our wedding and dimmed the lights.

After Children

COST Roughly $20

One of the more spendy frugal nights, but much cheaper than The Melting Pot which has wonderful food, but ranges almost to $90 for a couple especially on Valentine’s Day.

  • Couple pounds of stinky, but fancy cheese (about $10)
  • Specially priced normal cheddar cheese ($2)
  • Several bars of nice but inexpensive chocolate bars ($8)
  • A little bit of Chocolate and cheese already in house ($0)
  • Free babysitters (in-laws – $0, okay maybe a dinner later)
  • Previously purchased candles  ($0)

Although she knew that we were having a date that night, she did not know what.

I set up everything when she was taking our daughter to my in-laws (maybe 45 minute round trip) which included stopping on my way home for cheese and chocolate and setting up valentine’s that I filled out about all the reasons I loved her that were decorating the table that the cheese and chocolate sat on. I set up a movie that we owned (purchased from a going out of business sale many years before) I thought she would like, a chick flick “The Notebook”. She chose Mummy Returns movie instead.  This was said to be better than the $90 we would have spent in a very busy Valentine’s Day Melting Pot.

If these aren’t your cup of tea, you can check out 10 Things To do for your wife for Valentine’s Day to get some more ideas.

What do you think I should do this year?

How do I exceed my previous frugal dates?

Some of these might not work for you, but remember a few key things when planning for your spouse:

  1. Be conscious of what they like and don’t like (don’t get them something coffee flavored if they hate coffee)
  2. Tell them how much you love them (writing love letters can be exactly what they want, we all want to know we are loved)
  3. No matter how much time you have to plan, make it intentional and special.(with kids planning can definitely be a challenge, whatever you do make it special)

What is the best Date you have ever had?

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