How to replace Windows XP for #FREE with Linux.

    3 Mar

    How to replace Windows XP for #FREE with Linux.

    So you have an old computer that had XP on it and now support has ended for Windows XP, but you cannot afford an upgrade.  Now you feel unsafe and you are not sure what to do.  Take a look here at my favorite 5 free alternatives to Windows XP.

    Top 5 of my Favorite Free Windows XP Replacements

    The terrific thing about 90% of Linux options is that they are able to be booted directly from the CD/DVD in a LiveCD mode. This means you can test many Linux options without ever installing the software.  Here are the FIVE options that are my favorite.

    Puppy Linux

    In my opinion one of the best lightweight replacements for Windows XP.
    This version can basically be run with any computer that ran XP even the really old ones. It has been successfully run with only a 333mhz PC with only 64 MB of memory.
    This is why it in my opinion the best replacement.

    Linux Mint

    Mint would only be my second choice because it is the most similar to Windows,
    it is for the computers that aren’t quite as old more like your Core 2 Duo.


    Xubuntu comes in third for me.  I like Xubuntu because it has a similar Start Menu, just on the top of the screen instead of the bottom. It will run okay on some Pentium 4s depending on how much memory you have installed.


    Ubuntu has a very sleek design that makes it easier for a novice to access.  I would suggest at least a Core 2 Duo with a minimum of 1 to 2 GB of memory. But you should be able to run Ubuntu with a decent Pentium 4 or equivalent AMD as well.


    This is my last favorite, but probably one of my favorites because I enjoy using this for my web server where it is easy for my to host my ‘owncloud’ storage, and my own Wikipedia.  Debian also has a very nice graphical interface that I also appreciate though.



    Easy Peasy

    Easy Peasy get’s honorable mention award. Not because it is a bad distribution, but because I don’t like it for personal use. But this is a wonderfully designed Linux that I think get’s very little coverage.  This is a super easy to learn version of Linux, just point and click.

    There are tons of Linux alternatives that I would feel safer with than Windows XP.

    Many of these will require at least a Pentium 4 if not a Core 2 Duo, but much better than spending $100+ on Windows 7 or Windows 8.

    • Porteus
    • Archbang
    • Crunchbang
    • CentOS
    • Fedora
    • Linux Lite
    • CD Linux
    • PC Linux
    • WattOS
    • Kali Linux
    • PearOS
    • SparkyLinux
    • Zorin
    • Chromium OS

    And the list could go on, there is a gillion options.

    Have you tried Linux yet?
    If so, what is your favorite Linux version?