How did I score my FREE Windows Repair Toolbox

    21 Mar

    How did I score my FREE Windows Repair Toolbox

    What would you do if you could have all your repair apps on a 128 MB thumb drive?

    Here is how I got my repair apps
    under 3 MBs

    The Windows Repair Toolbox is by far one of the smallest and best current tool kits out there for repairing computers.

    Some of the things it includes are:

    • antivirus & malware removal tools
    • system information tools
    • Complete Internet Repair tool
    • Windows Repair All In One tool
    • backup tools
    • Windows in operating system tools
    • Uninstallers
    • and MUCH MUCH MORE

    Windows Repair Tool is designed so you can even add Custom tools and verify things like Java and Flash are up to date. I primarily use the main TOOLS  and Malware Removal tab.

    With the Windows Repair Toolbox coming in under 3 MB and being portable it is a must add to your repair tools.  This does require the .Net Framework 4 and internet connection, but if you have those two requirements (most do with Windows 7+)  then what are you waiting for even if you already have a hundred apps 3 MB won’t hurt you.  You can check out the Windows Repair Toolbox website here.

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