Why you should be using Ninite.com

    18 Apr

    Why you should be using Ninite.com

    Would you like just one simple way to install all of the basic software that you might use when you set up a Windows computer? Ninite is the top site to use for the best software picks that you need all in one convenient place to install them at.

    Why you should use Ninite starting Tonight

    Sitting setting up the tenth computer and reloading software on like the fiftieth computer I was getting tired on individually installing all these different components.  Now, a day not long ago in this very galaxy I was listening on my way home to the Mike Tech Show and I heard the word Ninite and I am thinking why should it be time to go to sleep? Little did I know that this was going to be the best website EVER.

    1. Quick Setup

    When you need software for your computer this is one of the fastest ways to gather your software in one place.
    After opening the website Ninite, all you have to do is click the checkboxes that software that you want.

    2. Single Installer

    Instead of having to install all of these tools separately going through every individual installer. Now, you can easily install all of them at once through Ninite’s one easy installer.

    3. Software Coverage

    Ninite offers one of the most comprehensive lists of software.
    You judge for yourself:

    4. Free Software

    Everything on this site is available for Free.  No licenses are required for the software.  Some software options have Premium options that cost more. As well as there is a Pro version of Ninite, but there is very little that most would need from the Pro version that is not already offered in their free version.

    What tool do you use to make
    computer setups easier? 


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