9 Free and Frugal Ways that could help you sleep like a baby

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I have always been told that waking me is like waking the dead.
I suspect I am probably a little bit easier, but what do you do when waking up is the hardest part of your day?


Falling asleep has NEVER been a problem for me.  As a kid, I slept on my head (no literally- on the bottom of the bunk beds), between the sofa & the floor, I slept in the formation and also fell asleep while waiting in an ambush during Boot Camp too.  Yes, I can sleep almost anywhere anytime.  My problem comes to waking up. I have never been a morning person, and I have always felt exhausted when I wake up in the morning.  Recently I started a health experiment (maybe I’ll tell all about that later) part of that experiment was to affect my sleep patterns and here are some of the results I had:

  • Keep most non-sleep related activities out of the bedroom

    No, you don’t have to take everything out of your bedroom.
    There are a few activities that are best performed in the bedroom like changing, but TVs, computers, games, and many other activities should be kept out of the bedroom to promote a sleep oriented feeling in the bedroom.  The worst that could happen if you try it is that you sleep better.

  • Turn off the TV and devices earlier

There are many important reasons to reduce technology uses and your sleep is one of the most important. Recently, I started setting the goal to have no TV and as little phone interaction after 9 PM that I could (typically going to bed at Midnight) and my mornings have had very noticeable improvement – I’m NOT a ZOMBIE on those days when I get up.  Check out this article and tell me if you think it should be a priority to you.

  • Getting to bed earlier (fail at this regularly)

Ok, I am a pitiful failure at getting to bed earlier.  Earlier to me is normally later, but the days that I get to bed earlier I truly appreciate the extra sleep that I get. I found it easiest to get to bed earlier in 2 ways: Plan to be in bed 1/2 an hour before you really want to be in bed (this gives you the ‘i forgot …’ time and helps to get in bed when you actually want. Secondly, move bedtime back gradually starting with 15 to 30 minutes earlier the first night. Slow and specific goals are easier to attain.

  • Use white noise

White noise comes in many forms and it can be helpful or be distracting depending on the person. My wife finds a fan helpful for her, and I like using an audio drama (for 2 minutes).  All new smartphones have an easy way to add the white noise to your daily routine, so get up and try out a couple different white noises.  Here is Rain, Rain the app we have used for Apple devices (also available for Android here).  We recently moved to an older iPod nano with a speaker and a simple MP3 for my daughter’s room which works great!

  • Make a better sleep routine and stick to it

My sleep routine is broken, but pretty simple: Go to sleep when I am tired and wake up when I urgently have to for work. Wait I don’t get tired easily. This is why it has become very important for me to work at getting to bed by a certain time to help ‘train’ my body to be tired at a specific time and make sure that I am getting enough sleep (check amount you need here).  Going to sleep about the same time each night and wake up about the same time in the morning will help make sure that you are getting the right amount of quality sleep.  Much like children a steady schedule/routine helps our body to create a normal rhythm.

  • Exercise daily

Wait, we’re talking about sleep! What does that have to do with exercise? I know it’s unfathomable that getting the appropriate amount of exercise makes a difference in how well sleep. My body can be quite anxious when I don’t do any exercise all day.  Don’t believe, try adding vigorous exercise to your daily routine and let me know how your sleep was affected. I know it’s easier for me to get to sleep when I am tired out from activity at the end of the night, but I might be crazy.

  • Start Planning for a New Mattress

Notice your bed causing you aches and pains. Have you started setting up a budget to plan for a new mattress? Your mattress when it fits you correctly like ours can provide sweet relaxation while sleeping. Remember good mattresses are large expenses and it is important to start a budget for it before it becomes immediate.

  • Stop Snacking Late into the Evening

I have trouble snacking ALL THE TIME.  I always feel like I need something in my hand to eat (especially when on the computer or watching TV).  Have a light snack earlier before going to bed. This helps enable your body to be in a relaxed state for sleeping. If I must snack at night I try to just grab a couple almonds or peanuts to prevent drastic roller coaster in sugar levels right before bed.  THIS was quite intriguing to read about how late night snacks can drastically affect the type of sleep you get.

  • Drink Some Water, But NOT a lot

Recently I started drinking approximately 5 – 10 ounces of water before bed. It’s not enough to make my bed float but definitely seems to help me feel refreshed.  To much water and I cannot sleep, but even this ARTICLE shows there is a benefit to your sleep when drinking some before bedtime.

Virtually anyone can complete all of these sleeping tips. Will you attempt any new ones?

Do you have any methods to help you feel refreshed in the morning?

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