Don't Give Up

Don’t Quit – Motivational Monday

Don't Quit, I'm Telling You it's worth it

The journey is difficult, and the road is paved with good intentions.
Marriages, friendships, and business relationships all go through rocky times. What then, should we just give up then?
Where would you be if you quit everyone & everything that was difficult?

Why I Don’t Quit

No matter how good your intentions are we can all easily cause discord in our relationships.  This discord should not set the tone for these relationships because no relationship is perfect.
Every time we allow the temporary difficulties to set the pace for us it prevents us from living life to the fullest and might cause us to:

  • Miss out on very important aspects of life
  • Miss out on moments with people we care about
  • Ruin a relationship (over nothing)
  • Increase our anxiety
  • Be grumpy
  • Cause difficulty with sleeping or eating (maybe you binge eat ice cream when upset)

When we are harboring ill towards those around us it is infecting our lives filling every corner with that aspect, much like a physical infection.  Infections will cause great pain the longer that they are not treated and although amputation may ‘fix’ the infection, it does won’t remove the problem completely.  Even amputating a relationship we will always be left with the phantom feelings.

Our fast paced world has bred us into temperamental individuals that like to spew our thoughts and complaints at everyone around us.  Instead, try spending some time trying to encourage others even when they might have caused grief within the relationship.

How I Try to handle it

It can be hard to stop being mad at someone that we interact with, but here are a couple things I have learned that might help prevent amputation of a relationship and move toward restoration:

  • Take a step back for clarity
  • Seek counsel of those around you that you respect or are your elders
  • Remember why you care about this person or why they are important in a business aspect.
  • Put yourself in their shoes (imagine some of the triggers that could have caused the grumpy behavior – ie: He spilled coffee all over his outfit right before leaving work so he was a real prick when I had to call in that warranty claim.)
  • Try not to gossip (this can increase the problem)
  • Remember you have caused your share of problems and now is your time to be gracious to those that have wronged you.

Why won’t you quit on a relationship & how do you handle relationship trouble?


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    1. It can be very easy to complain about something and not even think about how this gossip could cause more harm then good. ?

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