Courage is not always a booming voice

    12 Jun

    Courage is not always a booming voice

    Courage does'nt always roar.

    Courage is not a one size fits all.
    Being courageous is running on to the battlefield to save a friend.
    Bold and Courageous might be necessary for facing a new day.


    What is Courage to You?

    We all face situations in our life that require us to show courage.
    A cancer patient must be bold and courageous sometimes just to face the day.
    Those who suffer from diseases that no one knows or understands or that we hide from like Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome,  AIDS, Hepatitis may be putting on a courageous face daily with no one knowing/understanding their suffering.

    Be bold, and remember that God is the only one that knows your suffering to truly understand where your strength lies. Don’t let anyone tell you that you are weak because of a bad day. Don’t let anyone cut you down because the dishes in the sink caused a meltdown.  You are the only YOU there is and not even I will ever understand what strength, boldness, and endurance you will need to run the race of life.

    Where do you find courage in your life?


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