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    Veteran’s Special Discounts


    Thank you to all my brothers and sisters of Armed Forces for your services.

    As we honor the Veterans of the Armed Forces I urge you to remember all of the men and women who serve to protect this nation; our firemen and policemen especially.  As a Veteran I am grateful to the support we receive around this time of year from lots of businesses. Most Veteran’s are just normal people that are trying to live a normal life, but carry the weight of protecting their nation on their shoulders.  Most of us do not forget what happened or forget that we signed up to protect our nation and desire to continue to do so on the home front. Thank you to every business that is and has every offered any discount to Veteran’s.  To my Veteran brothers and sisters here are just a few of my places in MN you might find offering discounts.

    REMEMBER, you should always call and check each location first for complete details. Each location varies.



    • Denny’s
      Free Build your own Grand slam.
    • Cracker Barrel
      Free Double Chocolate Fudge Coca-Cola Cake dessert
    • Chili’s
      Any Lunch Combo or Dinner from Select Menu.
    • Applebees
      Free Meal (Choice from 7 entrees)
    • Famous Dave’s
      Free 2 meat combo meal
    • Granite City
      All Veteran’s receive lunch and coke
    • Green Mill
      Free Lunch or Dine-In Dinner
    • Hy-vee Free Breakfast
      Free breakfast buffet
    • IKEA Free Entree
      Free Entree
    • Old Country Buffet
      Free buffet and drink
    • Olive Garden
      Free Entree from Special Menu; includes breadsticks, soup or salad.
    • Panera Bread
      Free Breakfast
    • Perkins
      Free Magnificent Seven
    • Red Robin
      Free Red’s Tavern Double Burger & bottomless fries
    • Ruby Tuesdays
      Free appetizer
    • TGI Fridays
      Free lunch
    • White Castle
      Free Combo Meal



    • Great Clips
      Free Haircuts or haircut card.
    • Home Depot
      10% Discount to all Veteran’s
    • Lowe’s
      10 Percent Discount to all Veteran’s
    • Meineke
      Free basic oil change.
    • Sports Clips
      Free Haircuts

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