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    Are you seeing Double in iTunes? – #TechTipTuesday December 13th

    Are you like me?  Want to make sure you don’t loose any music files so you always choose to save every music file.  Now what?  I have hundreds and hundreds of duplicates.

    Did you know it’s easy to find your duplicates in iTunes. 



    Just click open your View menu and click again on SHOW DUPLICATE ITEMS.

    See I told you it was easy.

    Nothing more to it other than selecting the duplicates to be deleted.

    Did you know it could be that easy to find your iTunes duplicates?

    The Power of the Turtle – #TechTipTuesday 11/08



    • of waiting for your device to charge
    • of buying more cables than you need because you have Apple and Android products
    • of wasting time and money on cables that just don’t work
    • of not having a decent car adapter that charges more than one device well.

    I have replaced many cables for many devices over the years.

    I have tried using the $5-$10 cables at Walmart and other than buying Original Equipment which normally costs a fortune. I decided to test out a Turtle Brand car adapter and cable.

    I was a bit skeptical of any cable charging faster or working longer, but after Turtle Brand I have renewed faith.

    I WILL most certainly be buying additional cables in the future.

    1. The Car Adapter conveniently has 4 ports with 2 – 2 amp ports and 2 – 1 amp ports for conveniently charging up to four devices.
    2. It plugs directly into the cigarette or aux port so no additional unwanted cables.
    3. It is kind of awkwardly shaped and may not fit in all cars, but is a great addition to both my cars.
    4. The cable in the pack I purchased came with both micro usb and a small adapter for lightning cable Apple devices that hangs on the end of the cable for Apple lightning cable devices.
    5. Connect to computer for file sync, outlet to charge, or car adapter to charge.
    6. Now the adapter if the cable is constantly handled roughly, stuck in pockets or bags it MAY be likely to tear off, but it is a great option over having multiple cables for two different types of devices.

    If you need a cable to replace a current iphone, ipad or almost any android device micro-USB cable you need this one. At just about $17 you get the equivalent of to cables and a car adapter. Buying a cheap one at the gas station or walmart will be minimum $5-$10 alone.






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    10 Windows Shortcut Keys to Success #TechTipTuesday 6/28

    10 Shortcut Keys to Success

    Why do shortcut keys really matter?  Almost everyone that has every used a computer knows that there are shortcut keys, but doesn’t mean they are using them.
    Should I really use them? To some you should and some may you should, but I believe knowing these Windows keys is a sure shortcut to success.

    If you haven’t been using these shortcuts keys yet then I at least encourage you to try them.



    What is your favorite computer shortcut?