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    Perfect Perennial Picking



    Picking your Perennials

     Till and toil; water and weed, every day time taken tending to tiny plants. As the days turn to weeks you suddenly see your perennials are once again thriving and arriving edible to eat. Looking closely at each of my top favorite 4 perennial plants let me ease your mind and help you unwind. Let us dig up the dirt on the most desired plans for perennial picking with each plant having its own specifications to know when you should be picking the plump and delectable plants.  Once you plant these you can have some great produce for plenty of years to come.

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    17 Jul

    5 Things to Know When Price Matchin

     I know that many people have written about the wonderful world of Price Matchin, but just recently I found myself knowing that Target had a great price on eggs and I wanted to use the Walmart Price Match guarantee.  Thankfully I always research policies before using them because during my first price match expeience I learned a few things to keep in mind when using Price Match Guarantees at stores, some of which was frustrating.

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    Preparing the Soil


    I may not have a huge garden (10 ft x 20 ft), but all garden soil need tender loving care and attention. I would say there is 5 main points that we should consider in preparing the soil. Not taking any consideration into the fact that Minnesota has temporarily returned to a cold tundra, blechh!

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    Saving Scraps


    Not too long ago I discussed the many uses of  bfat3.  This week while working on my blog, John 6:12, “And when they had eaten their fill, he told his disciples, “Gather up the leftover fragments, that nothing may be lost”, compelled me to linger on leftovers and scraps just a little bit longer, on not wasting what God has so abundantly given to us. Jesus’ display after feeding the 5,000 gave a perfect example of being thankful in the little things, the scraps as well.

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