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    4 Aug

    Top 5 frugal tips I wish I knew as a First time Homeowner

    No, we have not bought a house recently. We have been in our house for several years, but recently I helped my sister move into her nice house that she just bought. It reminded me of all the new things that we had to learn when we purchased our new home.  Maintaining a house requires a great deal of time and money, but there are ways to reduce those costs.  Do you know how to be a first-time homeowner living frugally?

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    16 Jun
    3 Jun

    Jamming through the evening as a Daddy of Daughters

    Making jams often is thought of us as a female activity, but who’s going to teach the next generation of little girls now that home jamming, pickling, gardening and bread making have almost evaporated from daily life? Since my wife doesn’t know how to make jam and I want to teach my daughters how it is up to me. What lost life skill will you be teaching your children this year?

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    14 Apr

    How to get Vegetable Seeds for Free

    Not sure if you have money for seeds this year?

    Do you have any seeds left from last year?

    Every year I end up with leftovers from the previous year, but what about the seeds that I couldn’t get a steep discount or ran out of? Check below the many ways I have found to save money on getting my seeds for FREE.

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    1 Mar
    24 Feb