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Don’t forget Mother’s Day is coming soon.

Mother's Day!

To all the Mother’s out there

Thank You!  

Nothing I do as a father can compare to what my wife does when she is at home with our daughters, and nothing can compare to giving birth and nursing them for the first couple years of their lives.

I am forever grateful to everything that my mother has done for me

I thank my mom for putting up with me when I got bored of piano,

For sending me cookies when I was away from home

For all my temper tantrums… yep I had plenty.

For teaching me to be creative,

Showing me love.

Mom’s aren’t always biological like mine,
but heart and soul they give,

Don’t forget to thank your mom this Mother’s Day.

I will certainly be thanking mine.

5 Methods to Make Mother’s Day Magnificent for Mom

5 Methods to Making Mothers Day Magnificent for Mom5 Methods to Make Mother’s Day Magnificent for Mom – Without Breaking a Budget

Low on cash and desperate to find a terrific gift for four wonderful women in my life; my mother, my mother-in-law, my grandmother and my wife.  Every year the same thing happens we struggle to find the right gifts and not break the bank, but here are 5 methods that you can use to make the biggest bang for your BUCK!

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