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    14 Jul
    2 Jun

    Foraging for weeds provides frugal free food

    foraging for free food dandelion There used to be a time when foraging was everyday life activity, but with technology and globalization, it has almost been completely abandoned especially in the USA. But this method could easily be an easy way to reduce your bills by getting additional food for free. Would you consider eating an edible weed?Read More

    28 Apr
    28 Apr
    18 Apr
    14 Apr

    How to get Vegetable Seeds for Free

    Not sure if you have money for seeds this year?

    Do you have any seeds left from last year?

    Every year I end up with leftovers from the previous year, but what about the seeds that I couldn’t get a steep discount or ran out of? Check below the many ways I have found to save money on getting my seeds for FREE.

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    14 Apr
    7 Apr

    Author Online Tools for Free

    Are you a writer or author?
    Whether you write professionally or just for fun you don’t need expensive software to maximize your ability to write your novel or blog.  There are countless free options out there that are just waiting for your use.

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