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With countless options out there to receive cash back how do I know which ones are the best?  Here are my Top three; Top Cash Back (being my favorite so far) ebates, & swagbucks. I love doubling these with my discover card getting anywhere from 1 – 5 % cashback from my Discover card as well.  Just recently when I bought a new TV I managed to earn 10% cash back on the TV that I bought (over $40) between Top Cash Back and my Discover card.

1. Ebates This is the one site that I have received cash back so far, I have received $40 and it took very few transactions in order to do so. When I have had the other accounts long enough to request cash I will let you know, but this one works great!

  • $5 Cash Back Signup Bonus
  • or $10 selected giftcard Signup Bonus

2. Swag Bucks earn swagbucks and exchange them for cash, giftcards & more. Watch for the right sales and I got 2500 SwagBucks($25 to my PayPal) for spending $25, you can’t beat that! Swag bucks by far has paid off the best so far since I get points just for searching and now have received $50 through paypal without very much effort at all.

3. Top Cash Back easy way to earn some money. Takes a little time to get your money, but you don’t have to have much to cash it out. Cashed out $65.41 to Paypal.  I have cashed out as low as $2.00 though! It is easy money and you get $10 for joining.  Join here to get your $10, once you have reached $10 cash back of your own you will receive the $10 cashback bonus for signing up.

  • $10 Sign up bonus (cashed out when you earn $10)

Still yet to Be Evaluated:

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    1. There are so many Cash Back sites out there and just not enough time to try them all! Top Cash Back is my all time favorite so far 🙂

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