Beautiful Bacon-FAT!

    7 Sep

    Beautiful Bacon-FAT!

    How do you reuse that BEAUTIFUL BACON – FAT!

    MMMMMM…… Bacon, I smell Bacon!!! Who doesn’t love the smell and taste of bacon? Okay, so there are some of you that might not, but if you love bacon as much as I do than you’ve probably been
    there getting rid of that bacon grease once you aredone with making your delicious bacon.


    Did you know there are so many different things that you can do with bacon fat alone?  

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              Have I got you drooling yet? Well after making bacon for my wife this past weekend I started wondering what could possibly be the use of all that bacon grease build up. I found a lot of different possibilities, so what’s the weirdest thing you have done with bacon grease? Here are some other ideas that you could possibly use as well:


    1. Eggs: do you normally butter your pan before making eggs? Using a little bacon when you are making an omelet/scrambled eggs will give it a nice flavor and also saves you money from the reduced usage of butter/margarine/oil.  What a frugal usage!
    2. Veggies: are you trying to get your kids to eat their veggies? A little bacon grease might gErbseno a long way to encouraging photo 3your children to eat their veggies and also substitutes great for any need to add additional salt.
    3. Pancakes/French Toast: Have you ever thought about substituting a little of the bacon grease for some of the oil that it calls for in the pancake. Or using a little bit while frying french toast or pancakes on the skillet in place of butter. .
    4. Fire starter: For all of the pyros out there, here is a great usagefire for the bacon grease that you might have in excess. Did you ever think of putting it directly in a paper cup and letting it sit in the fridge until your next camp fire. Just throw in some matches and the flames will be licking at your finger tips pretty quick
    5. : ToBar-Soaptally seriously you can make a bar of soap with your bacon fat, before you start thinking I am crazy you can bouncy off the couch over to this site and see the finished product even. I am totally going to have to try this, been totally wanting to make soap for a while now I have a reason to make some soap. Nothing better than telling people you took a bath with bacon grease, right?? Okay so maybe that sounds a little crazy.
    6. Candles: For all of your candle crazed bacon lovers here is a terrific idea for you! It’s about as simple as it gets. All you have to do is basically put the bacon fat in a mason jar, make sure you sift out any clumps, put in a fiber wick that is help in place by a toothpick or fork, refrigerate for 5-10 minutes and there you have it, all done. This one can be a double dipping of reusing of the bacon fat, because with this if you use a natural wick you can always drizzle the hot bacon on food as well as it melts. mmmm …. how about that, smell the bacon wafting through the air and eat it as well?? If you are a little wary like I was, you can check out this site here it does work. It might not be super bacon smelling, but what a great way to reuse you bacon fat
    7. Splinter Removal : I was always taught to use a band aid, but apparently if you have finished clbandita-treseaning the area and rub a little bacon grease on before applying the band-aid this is supposed to make the skin in that area softer after a day to make it easier to remove the sliver. For me I just normally cannot wait that long before removing a sliver, but if I get a bad one I can’t get to it might be worth a try.
    8. Mashed Potatoes: A pretty strong staple around thanksgiving and many other meals throughout the year, but next time you make some why not trying to substitute some of the butter or milk or both for some of your bacon grease. And yet another way to stretch out your budget on butter and provide flavor to the already delicious mashed potatoes.
    9. Bug Be Gone : Had enough of those pesky flies and bugs and not want to spend more money on bug repellant that has a bunch of chemicals.  There is actually an easy way to make your own. I don’t know how I would feel about this one, but mixing some bacon fat & a little vegetable oil on a pie tin is supposed to be quite effective because once they land they will not be able to take off again, kind of like fly paper.

    Last but not least is number ten, at least for this entry about bacon fat…. I have found way to many options.

    1. Sauces/Gravy: Instead of using the oils or butters in your sauces or gravy this year test out using some bacon fat. Adds nice flavoring to the food and provides you with less expensive sauces than you might purchase and also allows you to maybe make that last minute sauce even though you ran out of an oil or butter thjohnny-automatic-baconat you normally use.

    Where do I keep my wonderful delicious piece of heaven (called bacon fat) until ready to use it?
    It is best stored in metal or glass containers in your freezer or refrigerator. I currently have some chilling in my fridge in a simple mason jar.

              Have I got your taste buds a tingling and all ready to go? I know that mine are all ready for some cooking this weekend. I have some testing myself to complete, and as I test I will update this so you know how it turned out.

              Don’t forget that there are monthly bacon clubs? For those bacon slaves you can get your bacon delivered right to your door monthly @ Bacon Freak

    If you would like to see where I found my wonderful material you can follow my link here to the sites that I found to provide my ideas.