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Late New Years Resolution

As Valentine’s Day grows ever closer I will be spending more of my time trying to come up with the most creative Valentine’s Day dates and ways to surprise my wife. As I work on this I will be preparing to put out a list on February 7th of at least 10 special dates or ways to surprise your spouse or wife as frugally as possible. This should still be plenty of time for you saps out there to make the most of Valentine’s Day.

Well the New Year is already in full swing and I have been working to squeeze in time to write up a little something about New Year’s resolutions. I think everyone has some sort of New Year’s Resolutions, but personally I don’t like calling mine resolutions, but simply goals. I think planning S.M.A.R.T. Goals is a much better game plan and more specific so I feel that I will be more likely to complete them than the typical resolution. As I typically do I decided to create a new printable for my goals. So check out the goals I have listed below so far and my printable.

If you like the SMART goals form then check it out as an editable on or you can write up your goals following this simple acronym:

Specific – What
Measurable – How can I tell it’s complete (Saved $1000, etc)
Attainable – Is it realistic? (Unrealistic – fly to moon, etc)
Relevant – Why?
Time – When will it be done?


Although I have all sorts of little goals that I have throughout the year I don’t think that I shall bore you with them all. The one main thing I work on through January is preparing for my finances throughout the year and one of the best ways for me is utilizing a simple Annual Bill Tracker so every month I can cross off a bill when it is paid or mark it as auto paid. NOW UNTIL END OF JANUARY my personal Annual Bill Tracker will be downloaded below.


Keep an eye out the next couple of months I will be working to release my new eBook called Home Made Dads, which is going to be small mini books the first one is supposed to be a quick kitchen guide to help busy dad’s when they’re in a pinch for time or ingredients to help them get food on the table. Watch for the sneak peak and if you comment on this post, tell me what your New Year’s goals or resolutions, and I will put you in a drawing to win a printable package and the opportunity to help provide feedback for the unfinished book. Keep tuned for more as the tax season comes around I will be working on more printables like I do every time I need a new