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How you can Make Money Writing & why you should start in November

Have you been told you can’t make a living writing?
It might not be easy, especially to start, but with a tight budget what could you do with extra pocket change? Many writers out there that have succeeded even while having to work full time.
What are you doing with your writing?

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Motivational Elephant in the Room

Before anyone decides they want to take a bite out of me, NO, I am not encouraging eating elephant or anything.  It is only meant as a visual encouragement.

So, when your day seems to much to handle and you are having a hard time, try to remember: one step at a time, one bite at time and you can get through this.  You can eat the elephant in your life.

No matter how big a situation, don’t let the situation overwhelm you, just break it down into ‘bite sized chunks’.

What situation in your life seems to big to chew up?

Motivational – Hang On!

A couple of weeks ago I started classes again for the fall. With only one semester after fall to complete my degree I am getting pretty excited, but it means I have been super busy. I have been so busy I have hardly looked at my blog, read anyone else’s blogs or even been able to keep up with my emails.

Despite all that has been going on I made sure to spend a few minutes (okay about 4 hours of time) with my wife and daughters at the MN Renaissance Festival and my daughter had a blast!! With friends that could get discount tickets for was a great price and it cost us only 50% of the normal ticket cost!

When my life gets this crazy I try to remember that it is not just about making sure that I keep up with the crazy, but also that I can have a little bit of fun.  So, don’t just hang on! Spend some time with your family or friends this week and HAVE FUN!

Are you just HANGING ON or do you take some time to HAVE FUN?

How are you having FUN this week?

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