Is AAA the right Auto Club for ME?

Is AAA for ME-

Have you ever locked yourself out, paid for a tow, had to pay for a rental because your car died on vacation, been charged to have you car jumped?

Many people will disregard the idea of AAA or an Auto Club because they have Road Side Assistance through their automotive insurance. What happens when you are out and about with your friends or in a different vehicle?  Only the vehicle that is covered by that policy is able to receive Road Side Assistance.

Here are just a few reasons that AAA can definitely be worth having, especially if you have other drivers in the house:

  • Up to four – 5 mile tows (normally costing minimum of a $100/hookup not including the tow and easily pays back the initial annual cost.)
  • Jump start a dead battery (averaging $50-$75)
  • Free Personalized Map Routes & Detailed Map Accessibility – Print or Online (even gives you online maps that show nearby restaurants, rest areas….  never worry again when you plan with AAA maps)
  • Traffic Legal Service Reimbursement – Did you want to contest a minor charge but couldn’t afford the legal fee (depending on charge this will at least help with the cost)
  • Unlock your door when locked out (averaging $65)

With just those as a few reasons to consider getting yourself into an Auto Club like AAA I can definitely tell you that it is worth it with being locked out multiple times and having an individual unlocking it within 20 minutes.  Remember the benefit of this over any insurance related assistance is that you just have to have a membership – imagine the next time your friend is locked out when you are with them or when their car breaks down.  Can you imagine how much they would appreciate you being their HERO?

If I haven’t sold you on how valuable AAA can be to you, then think about the additional savings that you can receive on hotels, rental cars, or eating out.

At approximately $75 a year for a Classic membership this comes in cheaper than a Netflix membership, Hulu Membership, or an Amazon Prime account.  It breaks down to under $7 a month.

That is an easy $7 for peace especially if you are on the road a lot or have a wife or another individual at home driving.

What was the last time you were stranded 
and needed road side assistance? 

How did you handle it?