Top 5 frugal tips I wish I knew as a First time Homeowner

No, we have not bought a house recently. We have been in our house for several years, but recently I helped my sister move into her nice house that she just bought. It reminded me of all the new things that we had to learn when we purchased our new home.  Maintaining a house requires a great deal of time and money, but there are ways to reduce those costs.  Do you know how to be a first-time homeowner living frugally?

There are lots of things to remember when you purchase your first home. Most often it is the little things that will add up and eat you out of house and home.  Here are some things to remember to help you keep your costs low:

My top 5 Tips as a 1st Time Homeowner

1.  Turn off/unplug electronics when not in use

An average American wastes hours of electricity in their house with all the electronics that are not only plugged in, but many times sitting on or not being used.  Do you ever leave an appliance or your TV plugged in or on when it is not being used?How much are you wasting that could easily save you money? You can easily add timers and computer schedules to reduce wasted electricity.

2. No drips allowed.

Dripping water can be a serious concern, not just a waste of water, but it can also cause water damage or rot out the wood around the leak. The worse potential is a mold problem if the drip is left to become a big leak. Meer drips could turn into thousands of wasted gallons per year and easily add a huge increase in cost as a homeowner with wasted water or water damage.  What drips do you just ignore in your house?

3. Don’t let out the cold/hot air.

A thicker curtain might be beneficial to prevent glare on a TV or computer monitor, but it also adds a secondary purpose (other than privacy) it keeps the cold out during the winter and the cold in during the summer. Think of it as a little extra insulation for your windows and allowing less of the heat or air conditioning to escape through the windows, which can help reduce your electric bills.

4. Change your Filters Regularly

Don’t put off changing your furnace filter or any filter that is in your house.  If you have humidifiers, or dehumidifiers that have changeable air filters this is a simple task to maintain which increases the effectiveness of your appliance.  Having an inefficient furnace because of a filter can cause excess wear on the furnace and excess stress to put out the amount of air that is needed.  I change mine about every 2 months, which is the average recommendation, how often do you?

5. Only LED Bulbs

Are you still using old incandescent, halogen, or CFL light bulbs? You NEED to change over to LED.  Most LED provide better lighting and typically uses less power than even the CFL light bulbs do.  Once you have changed the bulbs, make sure not to leave them on when no one is in the room, that’s just a waste of electricity that will drive your cost of ownership up.

There are countless thousands of frugal homeowner tips that I could regale you on, but these to me are my most important maintenance tips for new homeowners.

Do you have any important ideas to be a Frugal First Time HomeBuyer?

Let us know what you think.....